My mfr experience with Lori has opened me up to a world of body work
that is the closest thing to a “youth reset button” that I have ever known.

This relaxing yet profound manipulation of the bodies’ myofascia tissue while
re-aligning your body releases dormant energy and feelings trapped inside your
physical bodies’ hard drive for decades. This release made me recall and re-feel
my youthful movement, almost as if chains were removed after a long time.

Lori’s work and mfr is something that will be a part of my
health and fitness program for the rest of my life.
— G.B.
Lori and her MFR practice have helped me to become a healthier person in all aspects of my life. It has relieved areas of pain, tension and helped me to become physically stronger, so that I have a bounce to my step and I’m ready to give 100% to those that need me.
— Dr. D.
I have fibromyalgia and MFR from Lori has given me amazing relief. I also have 2 daughters that played water polo. Both suffered from extreme pain in their shoulders and back. One daughter spent 6 weeks in physical therapy, with no relief. Two appointments of MFR with Lori and she was back to herself.
— J.M.
Over the past 10 years Lori and MFR have become a very important part of our lives. Even when she moved to San Luis Obispo we made an effort to maintain our relationship and get our MFR “fix”. She is the greatest!
— L.T. & I.T.
I’ve had major back problems for years and have tried several therapies including the ten stage Rolfing treatment and several types of massage. Nothing else has been as helpful as MFR. It not only brings immediate relief, but seems the best at bringing about long term improvement. Definitely worth a try to see if it works for your needs.
— R.W.
There is a therapeutic aspect to MFR that I didn’t know about or anticipate. The emotions and feelings I experienced in the past but never fully acknowledged are oftentimes finally released within the MFR session. With that release comes a freedom of movement that wasn’t there before and a feeling of peace and restoration. Each session is different and I feel completely safe. MFR has been a big help for me.
— J.H.
After doing yard work, my body gets out of wack and achy, Lori is able to get my body back in alignment and free of pain. A few years ago I tripped and fell on my knee on the cement. My knee swelled up with bursitis from the fall, but with Lori’s direct MFR Treatment and home treatment plan, my knee went back to normal size.
Lori helps me not feel my age.
— K.S.
Lori and myofascial release has helped me to overcome serious injuries by understanding the mind and body connection. MFR has been the very best “medication” that I have ever used to avoid surgical referral by my physician. My doctor asked me if had ever tried MFR and I’m so glad that I did with Lori - it has changed my daily outlook on life.
— K.K.
I feel fortunate to have been a client of Lori for 7 years. Her knowledge of muscles and the myofascial tissue along with her skilled hands have helped keep my body in balance. Her MFR work has given me relief for my chronic back and hip aches, leg sensations and upper body tension, Lori is a dedicated practitioner who greatly enjoys helping her clients attain a feeling well being.
— A.S.
Lori Walters is exceptional at the craft of MFR and approaches it with a depth of knowledge and understanding that encompasses all aspects of the human being and spirit. She is awesome!
— A.J.
MFR has literally improved the quality of my life. I thought that I was just going to have to live with my chronic back pain. Now I know that I don’t have too! It’s made an incredible difference!
— C.A.