Back in April 1996, Lori was so racked with pain and fatigue she lay on the couch,

literally unable to sit up enough to comb her two young daughters' hair before school.

Her daily diet of tears and sorrow was originally the only way to deal with the loss of her health.

Not one of the 21 doctors she visited could help bring any hope to her dire situation.

Many of those "professionals" said perhaps, it was all in her head.

But that was before two things changed her life...

Lori, LMT

Lori, LMT

The first was Allergy Elimination Therapy (AET). With the help of a trained AET therapist, Lori began to gain freedom from numerous allergens that had caused her immune system to actually begin attacking her own healthy tissue. Within 30 days after beginning treatment, Lori was off the couch, combing her daughters hair before school again, and starting to experience some hope for the future. Massage therapy was suggested to Lori as a way to help further relieve her pain. Again, within a short period of time, she began experiencing not only relief from pain, but increased energy and vigor for life.

Credit: Lori's grandkids

Credit: Lori's grandkids

With that foundation, Lori realized her life's calling was to help others gain freedom from pain too, and went on to complete over 1,100 hours of training as a Licensed Massage Therapist. At the same time, Lori was trained in AET and before long, began helping numerous clients experience freedom from their life-altering allergens. It wasn't long before Lori became the owner of Serenity Spa in 2001.

Practicing therapeutic bodywork since 2001, Lori is also an Advanced Therapist in the John F. Barnes' approach to Myofascial Release (MFR) with over 500 hours of training from the world-renowned John F. Barnes, PT, LMT, NCTMB. Her passion is to hold the sacred space that allows each of her clients to release fascial restrictions so they, too, can return to a pain-free active lifestyle. You can read more about this therapy at

Lori Walters resides on the Central Coast of California, CA, enjoys relaxing at the beach, music, wine tasting and doting over her four precious grandchildren.